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PostSubject: FIVE WISHES   Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:13 pm

1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:is my parents. if they are not there anymore i want my wife to do it for me.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:
I want people to sing worship songs at my death bed
I want them to make a benefit concert for PGH in memory of me
I want them to take care of my family
I do not want them to gamble on my funeral
I do not want any liquor or cigarette

3. How comfortable do I want to be:
whatever my family can provide for me thats ok for me

4. How I want people to treat me:
To treat me as they treated me when I am normal

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:
I want them to know that they are the best.
I dont regret anything that had happened in my life and that they are part of me.
Without them I am nothing.
I wouldnt even exist.
I wish that they will be able to reach their goals and dreams in life even without me.
I wish that they will stay happy and that they will enjoy life to the fullest!


Mark Timothy V. Rodriguez
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