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PostSubject: Please read this   Please read this Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 7:53 pm

Hi, guys. Sorry I know this is kinda late - I thought it would be more important to post the questions first before anything else. anyway, these are just reminders:

You have a window of 3 hours to process and submit your answer (download the questions, draft/type your answers, and upload). The forum will be locked 3 hours after posting of the questions (specifically at 12 noon). Please be guided by the following rubrics in writing your essays/answers:

The answer is relevant (i.e., it addresses the question that is asked).
Facts and ideas presented are accurate.
There is depth of analysis and reflection.
There is clarity and organization of thought.
Reasoning is valid and sound.

Good luck.

We can continue exchanging thoughts and insights about ethics/morality in this site. Feel free to drop me your ten cents worth (kidding) anytime.

It was great knowing all of you!
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Please read this
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