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 Topics that have been approved and are already taken:

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PostSubject: Topics that have been approved and are already taken:   Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:04 pm

The following topics are now taken:

Conflict between one's religious/moral beliefs and his duties as a licensed medical practitioner - Barron, Rivera, Penetrante, and Rodriguez

Corruption - Manlangit, Marcelo, Perez, Quilicot, Salinas, Ting

Surrogacy (Baby Makers) - De Ramos, Ferrer, Sagnip, Lopega, Ching

Homosexuality - Alegre, Abala, De Guzman, Comia

Animal Rights - Arroyo, Mateo, Torrecampo, Mangalos, Vedejas

Poverty and Prostitution, etc - Azarraga, Barrios, Camunay, Dela Cruz, Manalo, Montano

These are really good/interesting topics - you can start drawing up a plan now. Start looking for your resource persons and of course specific cases to document. What are burning issues pertaining to your topic that need to be addressed, i.e., what are some questions that need to be answered? What are different sides to it that need to be presented? Whenever possible or if you deem it fit, relate these different 'sides' to different ethical positions/theories or concepts. Be fair and objective.

The rest, you have until Friday to submit a topic.

Enjoy exploring your creative and 'investigative' side!
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PostSubject: outline: poverty and prostitution   Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:46 am

good day ma'am!

consult lang po namin ito pong working outline for the docu... thanks po!

I. Nature of Poverty
A. Descriptive (expert's insights)
B. Statistics
C. Coping Strategies (actual footage, experiences)
D. Philippine Case
E. Ethical Considerations

II. Nature of Prostitution
A. Sociological Foundations (expert's insights)
B. A cause or an excuse? (case study, actual footage, experience)
C. Breaking the Walls/Eliminating Myths (combined expert-respondent stance)

III. The Poverty-Prostitution Link
A. Popular Conception
B. Sociological Foundation
C. Ethical Considerations

IV. Conclusion and Recommendations
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Topics that have been approved and are already taken:
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