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 Please read this before reading any of the wishes here or posting your own.

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PostSubject: Please read this before reading any of the wishes here or posting your own.   Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:06 pm

First of all, I really hope and pray that no one will have to use these wishes or accomplish a form/write a decree similar to these “wishes”. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to reflect on your values with reference to making health care decisions that may significantly impact your life and other people's. It is also for you reflect on the relevance of Bioethics and have a first-hand experience on how to “handle” issues that (may) require considerations of Bioethical ideas and principles.

Some of the “wishes” and other information shared here, or the whole exercise itself, may be personal, private, and privileged. PLEASE treat these information with respect and, where disclosure of any of the information here is deemed inappropriate, with confidentiality.

The “five wishes” are a product of a learning activity, especially in the context of a learning community. They're best seen as a result of an exercise. They do not in any way constitute a legally binding document. They may, however, express partially or entirely the real wishes of the authors when it comes to matters pertaining to their health care and management.

These wishes are only 'germinal' inputs. Some of them may not be consistent with acceptable and established medical practices. Some of them may not be medically sound. Some of the wishes may require the advice of an expert, i.e., a doctor, a lawyer, or bioethicist. Your wishes may also change over time. And they may not be exhaustive, so you might want to further develop or 'polish' them. It is advisable that you review and revise them should you feel the need to. Yes, you might want to eventually take them more seriously.

Some of you requested that I also do mine (in the name of fairness) so here it is. It is also the first time for me to do something like this (well, I've long thought about cremation and how I'd want 'it' to be but nothing like really writing it down). So how did it turn out? – well, it was an interesting experience/exercise. The whole exercise reminded me again: carpe diem.

I wrote my wishes they way I felt I should. So this is just a guide; you might want to write yours differently but follow the basic pattern: 5 questions in that order.

Do not be influenced by my own views, stand, or belief. I want you to think about your own.

You might want to explain what you'll write here, like what I'm doing. Feel free to do so.

And, comments/questions are welcome. I am expecting that what you'll write here can lead to meaningful and intelligent discussions especially about ethical issues and dilemmas.

To write post your own wishes, please post as a new topic. That way wishes don't get mixed up and there'll be space for comments/questions
Enjoy writing your wishes!
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Please read this before reading any of the wishes here or posting your own.
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