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 Morbid 5 Wishes

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PostSubject: Morbid 5 Wishes   Morbid 5 Wishes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2009 9:00 am

Note: Everything here ought to be a Ulysses Contract.

1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:

In the future, regarding these health matters, I want to make these decisions myself if there is any way I can. But for now, I am yet to find a person who will decide for me, since all the people I can think of will most likely have clouded judgments resulting from a particular emotional attachment established.
For the sake of supplying a health care representative though, I think I would pick two of my closest and most trusted “Spartan” friends I or J, for they are natural pragmatists and are devoid of unnecessary sentiments when it comes to these matters. Like Professor Jimenez, I am also not choosing a relative for the same reasons.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:

I would also like to design a bullet form of wants and nots:

• I do not want anyone pitying me;
• I value dignity, and the vision of me defecating in bed is the last thing I would like to see;
• I would like to believe that I am a practical person---I do not want the people concerned to spend hefty amounts of money for a thing they are not even sure of getting;
• I would also prefer “quality” over “sanctity” of life;
• I would like to be treated as if I have no illness/I am not ill;
• And if economics will allow it, I would like to have a pretty nurse taking care of me if I am dying or I am in PVS. 

In case of a coma or PVS, I would like the people concerned to give me a week or so---THAT IS, if I am millionaire or money is not a real concern. Otherwise, give me just twenty-four hours, I do not want to place undue burden on my family or the people concerned.
Since Ma’am brought up the organ donation topic, I’d like to say that I WANT my body whole until death and until my last rites---but IF there are extreme cases, I think I would willingly let them use my organs.

3. How comfortable do I want to be:

I usually think of myself as a rugged man---not that clean but not dirty. And if the time comes when I will not be able to physically take care of myself anymore, I want myself to be kept clean and sanitized, and I do not want to DEFECATE in bed. And I want lots of food. If I would perish, let me perish the best way possible. And I want tons of chocnut, peanuts, spicy peanuts and peanut butter beside my bed if I happen to have a stroke in the future and I cannot speak. And I like MUSIC too. I want to listen to classical and rock and ballads. Play Mozart and Steve Vai and Josh Groban.

4. How I want people to treat me:

I want to be treated with dignity.

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:

I would spend my last days watching movies. Eating. Listening to music. Writing poems, stories. Synchronized Swimming. And doing things I have never done before.
I have to be sentimental, sorry to the Spartan-like people, if there were any of you reading this.
I want my family to know that I owe them all good things that will possibly happen to me, and even if I will be given a chance to choose a family, I would still choose them. (Rakenrol).
I want my friends to know that they made me realize the difference between living and merely existing.
And I want this to be read at my funeral.


• If economic conditions would allow it, I would like my wake to be at a theater. I want my coffin on stage. No viewing. They can only have their last glimpse before my coffin gets six feet under. But in a normal circumstance, I would like an ordinary funeral service, I want my wake to last 8 days. With people drinking coffee. And I would only allow them to play Chess, Poker, and Guitar. Nothing else.
• During my wake, I want the full soundtrack of the Phantom of the Opera played over and over again. And the Moonlight Sonata played over and over again. Or if they get irritated, any other musicals. But please, not the traditional “hindi kita malilimutan” songs. I do not want crying.
• I want them to make an AVP commemorating me. (EGO). The plays and shows where I appeared. My greatest chess games. And others.

I would like all these to take effect, though I know that I still do not have control on what will happen to me in the future. May God bless us all.
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Morbid 5 Wishes
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