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PostSubject: FIVE WISHES   Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:53 am

Before I write my five wishes, I would like to state my belief: I strongly believe in JESUS CHRIST and NOTHING CAN BREAK that belief.

I would like my family to read this as soon as possible, just to let them know and be prepared just in case:)

1.Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:

I want to make decisions for myself as long as I still have the capacity to hear, think and speak. I DON'T want any family member or relative to decide because I'm sure “crying” mode ang mga 'yun at wala rin sa “katinuan” para magdecide. I will assign a health care representative IF AND ONLY IF my life depends on medical equipments and I don't have the capacity to hear, think and speak (as in physically breathing but mentally dead).

Given the above condition, I am assigning PRECIOUS HANNAH VERON as my health care representative. I'm sure, she is medically and “spiritually” equipped to decide for me. She is my mentor and “spiritual mother”.

2.Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:
I know that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made BUT I just want people to treat me as an ORDINARY person (as if I'm not ill and I'm not dying; walang “pity” effect).
Except for my family and close relatives and friends, WALA ng ibang taong makakaalam ng health condition ko.

I do not want to put undue burden on my family.

In case of a coma or PVS, just give me ONE hour to fight. After that, my health care representative and my family can unplug the medical equipments. Ayaw ko ng pahirapan ang sarili ko at ayaw kong pahirapan ang mga taong nagmamahal sa 'kin. If there's any last minute miracle, then i'm blessed (I also believe in miracle – trusting the God of the impossible). I know my family wants me to live longer but if I can't survive or there's no improvement during the one hour battle, my health care representative will be the one to explain my “wish”. If, in any case, may improvement naman or let's say I survived during the one hour battle, I would like my family to take me home (province) and stay with them until I finally die. During this condition, ayaw ko ng humiwalay sa family ko. I spent almost one-third of my life na wala sila kaya this time, gusto ko kasama sila kahit saan nila ako dalhin:)

I'm willing to donate my organs to anyone in need. Also, i'm willing to receive blood donations (clean) from those who are willing to donate:)

3. How comfortable do I want to be:
I want to stay in a clean, fresh and pink-painted room. Definitely, I want to keep my body clean and fresh too:) I want to hear the latest hits of HILLSONG and CHRIS TOMLIN. I will keep on watching the video of Louie Giglio in the concert INDESCRIBABLE because it keeps on reminding me the concept of God's amazing ASTRONOMICAL GRACE. I want my mom to hug me when i'm asleep. I would really want to hear the jokes and laughter of my family everyday.

DEFINITELY NO FLOWERS! I cant find the exact reason pero ayaw ko ng flowers hanggang buhay pa ko:), encouragements and inspirational books will do.

I want to stay in Eastern Samar. If given the chance (kahit naka-wheel chair), I want to travel in other nations. I want to visit my sister and brother in Australia; visit other close relatives abroad and visit the famous places in Europe. Kung hindi kaya financially, I just want to relax, stay at home with my family and enjoy the wonderful nature of the East.

I still want to study (kung kaya pa), and live a normal life as if nothing happens.

4.How I want people to treat me:
Treat me LIKE an ORDINARY person; walang “pity” and “plastic” factor. If I did something wrong, just rebuke me. I still want to learn from my mistakes so teach me meaningful lessons as much as possible.

I want my family, relatives, friends and classmates to tell something about my BAD SIDE. Gusto ko yung thing/ attitude / mannerism na talagang ayaw nila sa 'kin so that I still have the chance to say sorry and change that.

5.What I want my family to know and last wishes:
To my family – no word can describe how much I love you and how much I miss you. Aside from serving God, you're the reason why I still live. I'm really grateful to have a family like you. I did my best to make you happy. Thank you for the love, care and time that you have spent with me and sorry for all the wrong actions and decisions i've done. I want you to take good care of my “most-treasured maroon thing” beside my bed (you know what it is).

To CGF family – I'm so blessed to have you:), continue to minister other people and glorify God; be a good servant leader.Love you guys!

To my friends, crushes and classmates – thank you for the encouragements and for all the lessons I learned from you. You make me feel blessed. You have taught me what life really is and how to survive during trials.

To my future husband and children (kung meron man – futuristic ako eh.hehe) – i'm not sure kung gaano katagal ko kayo makakasama pero I want you to know (hindi ko pa man kayo kilala) na I do love you and you will be forever a part of me.

Just like my health care representative, I want to leave a legacy of taking risk in every decision that I will make.

I will spend my last days sharing all the lessons in life that I think are worthy to share.

Right after my last breath, I'm giving my family, CGF family, relatives and close friends 24 hours to say their farewell message and recall their good memories with me. ABSOLUTELY NO CRYING! I believe that my family will miss me pero this time, I want everybody to be calm or rejoice if possible just as the angels in heaven are rejoicing when a soul is going to enter the gates of heaven (yey!).

After 24 hours, I go for cremation and my family will decide where will they put the ashes.


After the cremation, dapat mawala na yung atmosphere na namatay ako, please go back to your usual business and live normally.

This time, I want to tell everyone that I really enjoy wrting my wishes.

“God is in control – to GOD be the glory!”
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