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 five wishes

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PostSubject: five wishes   Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:48 am

1. I want my mom to decide for me when I am at the state of dying.

2. At the stage of PVS or comatose, I will let any tube or any technology to be to used for at most 3 months so as to prolong my life. However, if the doctor already proclaimed that I do not have any chance left, then they can remove the tube connected in me immediately.

3. The doctors can do any process (for at most three months) in order for me to live and revive my consciousess. In order to prevent pain and any despair to my family and friends, I would certainly want to end my life.

4. I want to be remembered as a jolly and strong person. Things should be seen objectively, meaning it is natural for a person to reach his/her demise. Thus, I prefer my love ones to take it as normal.

5. I would take my last wishes and information as personal and confidential indicated in a letter.
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five wishes
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