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 My Five Wishes

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Cruz James Leonard

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PostSubject: My Five Wishes   My Five Wishes Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 6:24 am

1. Health Care Representative
If it be the case that I am no longer able to take care of myself, then the person I wish to be my health care representative would be my ‘would-be partner in life’ or my brother (provided that I die before them). If not, then I would prefer to be under the care of any hired private health service provider. I do not wish to be a burden to my friends or other family members since I know that they have their own lives to live and an equally unpredictable lifespan as mine. I would want them to live their lives the way they wish. Now with this said, why would I want my ‘would be wife’ or my brother to be the ones to take care of me? The answer is because I believe that these would be the people who would know me best. I do not plan to keep secrets from these people. Naturally, they will know everything that I want to do, what I wish to say, and all the other major concerns that a sickly man ponders about. On me being a burden, I chose these people for the reason that during my able and healthy days I will make it a point to take care of them and try to give them all the things that they expect from me. Honestly speaking I say this because of the concept of utang na loob. If I were to ask for one thing in return from them it would be for them to give me back the same treatment that I did for them now that I am the one who is in need of it.

2. Living will
If it be the case that I suffer a coma of PVS then I would give myself a maximum of 2months then I would wish for the life support machine to be disabled. Referring to my answer for the first question where I have mentioned that I do not wish to be a burden to people during such an unfortunate illness, this would be the only amount of time that I wish to let my ‘would be wife’ or my brother give for me. I honestly believe in the concept of God’s plan for the life of his creations. When one’s time is up then let it be that way. However, with the advent of technological and medical advancements comes man’s ability to prolong what was supposed to be the end of his life. If I have the means to access such technology then I would. It would be hypocritical to say that I would not wish to prolong my life just because I believe in the concept of God’s plan, I also wish to live longer provided that I still have my family to spend time with, and that I would not be in a state which we commonly refer to as vegetable.

In terms of what I wish to be done to my corpse I am almost open to anything. Organ donation for transplants would be much more preferred but if it be taken for scientific experiments I would also give my consent. However, there is one thing that I reject when it comes to donating my body parts and that is the skin transplant (I watched it on a Grey’s Anatomy episode and found it extremely bizarre that people would also need your skin – I automatically thought of practices involving vanity and thus rejected it). Other than that, I would not really give much care on what they wish to do to my body anymore. After all I am already dead. I also favor cremation over the traditional burial. It is not like people who would visit you on your grave would wish for your casket to be dug and opened. I do not plan to take up that much space as well since I am already dead. Those who are still living would obviously make better use of whatever piece of land that the dead occupy.

3. How comfortable I want to be
I would wish to be around my family and my true friends. Being together with the people who I am comfortable with, makes everything else fall into the category of being comfortable. When you are sure that every person around you understands your actions and everything that you say isn’t that a most peaceful and harmonic state of mind? For me it is. This is not being emotional and sentimental but this is what I believe.
If asked for my financial comfort I would not wish for excesses but do not want to be impoverished either.

4. How I want people to treat me
If people treat me the way they wish to do then that would be perfect.
I would also do the same. Whether it be extremely pleasant or unpleasant, I would not care.

5. What I want my family to know and my last wishes
I want my family to know that there was never a time that I intentionally tried to cause them any form of pain. I want them to know that I love them to the highest possible degree. I want my father to know that out of his character 90% I wish to emulate and the other 10% I wish to dispose. I want my mother to know that she has taught me lot to get me through life, to get past people who can do me no good, and most importantly to be God-fearing. For my brother I want him to know that I have always supported him in everything though it may not seem like it at times. I want him to know that he is the man who I love most and always will.

To that special person in my life, – whose name need not be mentioned – all I ask is that she remembers everything that I told her and all the special moments that we had (and will have) together. Remember that ‘she will always be who she is and was to me’. And that it will never change. Let those be the lasting memories of me remembered by her. Enough said.

To my friends, if it be the case that you remain my friends till the day that I die then you know how much you mean to me. I am sure that all of you understand what kind of a friend I am and what kind of a friend I have been. Enough said as well.

I wish to die at the age of 60 or older
I wish to live the rest fo my life to the person I am in love with at the moment
I wish to have a male-female twin for my first children
I wish to atleast see a grandchild
My most ambitious wish woudl be for me to be able to do something to change the present unioversal conditions that leave no room for optimism for the people of the future.
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My Five Wishes
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