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 My Last Wishes

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PostSubject: My Last Wishes   Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:36 am

1. Health Care Representative

For as long as I can, I want to decide for myself. But if there be a case that I am no longer fit or in the right condition to decide for myself, it would be my mother, sister, or would-be-partner in life that will make the decisions regarding my case. And in any case that these persons are no longer alive or due to certain circumstances are not available, the closest relatives of our family could stand on their behalf.

2. Living will

When in a state of paralysis or coma, I want to stay and be treated in the hospital within 7 days. I believe that a week of struggling for survival is enough to determine if it’s already time to give up. Also, if there are miracles to happen, so be it within these days. Feeding tubes and other medical paraphernalia can be applied to me because I believe that the rise of these new technologies is a blessing from God to prolong the lives of his creatures. After 7 days of non-revival, these life-supporting medical equipment can be removed and I would like to spend the rest of my days at home with my family and friends. I do not wish to die in the hospital rather I desire to cast my final breath at home where I’m at peace. And also, I think staying in the hospital for a longer period of time with this kind of condition is not practical in all aspects (physical, emotional, financial). Lastly, I don’t want to inflict more pain to myself when I know that I had suffered enough. I desire to die with that same grace and beautiful aura to leave a message that I am happy and contented on how my journey has ended.

In case of death, I would like my wake to take place in a chapel so people will pay due respect not only for me but also for the one who has created all the wonderful things on earth. The wake would only last for one day and after that, I wish my body to be cremated. I just want to experience lying in a coffin even for a day (but of course I’m not willing to do it when I’m still alive ‘just for experience’) and I want people to see me for the last time because like what I’ve said in the preceding paragraph, I desire to die happy and contented with my life so I want them to see the same person I used to be in their lives. During the wake, pictures and other stuffs I own can be displayed. I wish there would be a choir singing beautiful songs. Organ donation is okay with me because I know it would be of great help to other people who still have the chance of enjoying life on earth. It would be the decision of my family on what to do with the ashes.

3. How comfortable I want to be

I just want to be taken care of well by the closest people to my heart because I know that the care they would give would be the best and the most comforting for me. Even if I am bed-ridden already, I want to smell and look fresh so that I won’t feel weak but instead alive and revitalized. Sanitation is very much important for a sick person so I wish the place where I would be staying will be always clean and neat. In case that I would be confined in a hospital, I would like my room to look and to smell like our family’s bedroom at home. I just love the feeling of “everything’s okay…everything’s normal and there’s nothing to worry about” one enjoys when he/she is at home with his/her loved ones. Of course, this is if I am financially stable when that time comes. I don’t like that distinct smell of hospitals so I want my favorite scent be sprayed all over the room. I also desire fresh flowers, fruits, and my favorite stuffs inside the room. Good music is also a good instrument to set that good vibes in the room.

4. How I want people to treat me

I want people to treat me with kindness. I am a sensitive person and I don’t want anyone to shout or raise his/her voice at me most especially when I am in a critical condition. The kindness that I am referring concerns not to the extent that people are only doing things because I am sick or in a worse condition. I want them to remain the same as who they are to me but at the same time, aspire to be better individuals. I desire my condition at that time would inspire them to do good and would make them realize the limitations of life. I would also love talking to those people who I know would serve as an inspiration and would give me hope to continue fighting and surviving. In addition, I do not want anyone to remind me of my condition rather I want everyone to see things in a positive way.

5. What I want my family to know and my last wishes

I would like to leave my message for my loved ones personal and maybe in the form of a letter. But for now, I just want them to know that I am very grateful to have them in my life and I love them.

1. I wish to travel anywhere outside the country with my family before I die.
2. I wish to reach the age of 80 or above and witness how my grandchildren are growing before I finally give up.
3. I wish to fulfill my dreams as an individual, to become a lawyer and to enroll in a culinary school.
4. I wish to serve God in the best way I can.
5. I wish to get married and have my own happy family before I die.
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My Last Wishes
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