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 My Five wishes

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PostSubject: My Five wishes   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:02 am

1. Health Care Representatives

As much as possible, I would like to decide for myself. Should there be a case that I will not be able to do so, let these persons do the thing that would be the hardest thing that my parents (family) will do for me, that is to take the “source” of my mere existence. . This, I am doing, for them not to pro-long their agony.
I am assigning J, C, and I.for I know they are pragmatic and would not be as emotional as my family members will be. If they will not be available, I would like a doctor, upon declaring that my case is hopeless, be the one to take the tube off me.

2. Living Will

In case of coma, I would like to be treated in our home for seven days. I think that that time is enough for my parents to face the reality of my case. Staying in the hospital would be another burden for my parents so I decided to be taken care of at home. Also, for those who want to visit me, I will be accessible to them. I would like to feel the fresh air in our place than the smell of the hospital. The simplicity of life in our baranggay is one thing I will miss.
Any medical equipment can be put on me to extend my life. blood transfusions are permissible as long as the blood will come from my family. should there be a case where there is no available, please ask, J., I. D. C. T. to donate blood for me. i have treated them as my brothers even though we are not related by blood. Should there be a miracle, let it be willed for this period of time. After this period with no signs of recovery, these life-support systems can be removed.
Upon declaring death, let my healthy organs be donated. The priority will be my relatives who are in need.
I would like my wake to be in my grandparents’ house (In our province, one’s wake takes place in the house where he/she casts his/her last breath.). I would like to be in the place where I spent my childhood. i want to stay in a place where most of my cherished moments happened. And besides, this house is far much bigger in our house. So it can accommodate more people. The wake would last for about a week (That is the usual period in our place.). I believe relatives abroad would be here by that time. I would like to be in a coffin but case closed. I would not want the people to see me in a deformed state. A huge portrait of me showing my sweetest smile can be placed beside my coffin or playing the video that I did remembering the most memorable things. For those who will give flowers (commonly called “korona ng patay”) especially those politicians, please, do not include your names in the ribbons. My family would appreciate it more if you give flowers and a mass card where you put your name. I would also want instrumental songs covering the place rather than the noise of those who are gambling. No gambling please. After it, I would like to be cremated. I would like some of my ashes be spread to the lands of my lolo. this my way paying tribute to the lands that feed our whole family throughout my life.
I would like to give to my e-mail add and password on my social networking sites to my brother for our family to see the pictures that i have in there. this will tell my life when i was away from you and studying here. i hope it will bridge the communication gap that we had during those times.
as for those that i have inherited (including properties that needs legal matters) . i am fully giving it all to my only brother. i hope you will maximize it and see its potential. (take note: We will suffer from economic depression for the next 2 decades).

3. How comfortable I want to be

I want to be taken care of in my room by my family (specially my mom). if in the case they will not be available, I want to be taken care of by B, C, A. these would-be nurses have made my heart beat in so many ways and have been my source of happiness throughout time. I want my room to have fresh plants and have fresh sampaguita everyday. I love the smell of this flower. This, I think, could cover the smell of the disinfectant. Good music will also add to this feeling of serenity. I would always want to look presentable and smell good. It is not that I am vain. I just want the people to remember me that even at my present state; I am still able to have time to look good. I believe that looking good reflects how you take care of yourself. I am sort of a neat-freak.
I would always want my mom to be beside me. She is my source of strength. Her warm hug would always remind me of the things she can would for me. i would also like my brother and father to be beside me and talk about their accomplishments. i like the feeling of as if nothing happened.

4. How I want people to treat me.
I want to be treated with dignity.
If you would just look at me with pity, I would appreciate if you will not be in my place at all.

5. What i want my family to know
What i want to tell my loved ones will be greatly expressed thru a letter or a video that i will make. but as for this requirement i will just make a general one.

nanay at tatay at sa aking nag-iisang kapatid. mahal ko kayo. salamat sa pagsama sa akin sa isang napakamakabuluhang paglalakbay sa buhay. patawarin niyo ako sa aking mga pagkukulang. mahal na mahal ko kayo.

(tears fell when i did this. i miss my family. i miss the time i should have spent with them. sob.sob.)
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My Five wishes
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