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 My Final Decree

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Marquez Kenneth

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PostSubject: My Final Decree   Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:09 am

To be honest, I've spend more than just the ordinary length of time( in my opinion) about how my death will be and what will happen after it. It's just now that I write it really. Hahaha!

Of course, I would like to die in a ripe old age but in case it doesn't happen this is what I want to be.

1. Health Care Representative-The person I want to make decisions for me

I chose as my health care representative is my beloved wife, whoever she would be hopefully. It may be hard for her really but I trust her fully with my life and I believe that she would do my wishes fully. It has been a vow that we would be there for betteror for worse and as my dying wish I would really like to spend my remaining moments with her, thinking about our past, reminiscing both our funny moments and troubled times. This, of course is when I have really no control over my mental faculties and let this wish be her guide to what she will do and that in everything she does I will truly love her even in the afterlife

2. Living Will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want

I want no pain actually. I don't also like to be like a medical Christmas tree with so many ornaments in my body- please give me that dignity. I would like of course the best medical health I could receive using my “wealth” and of course I would also like to have any new medical breakthroughs possible for I am a person who believes in the good in any scientific and medical technologies, but as long as it still makes me human and does not make me more of a machine.

In case of brain death or comatose or PVS, for 5 days, every morning, splash me with water until I wake up. Hahahaha! Joke. Ummmmm. Give me three days and I will do the rest. If not then end my suffering.

If there is any thing I can give upon my death then take it. Just not my eyes cause I have astigmatism and I love my eyes really. Hahaha! Any other things I can leave to whomever may need it.

Like I said I would want any new medical breakthrough to be tested on me, whether I live because of it or not then let those doctors and medical engineers be more informed during my procedure.

3.How comfortable do I want to be

If I am going to “heaven” then let me taste heaven on earth for the very last time.

a. I want my room to smell fresh always with a tint of light perfume.
b. I want a room with a view. The best room I can afforde with my wealth. And in case, any room would not fit to my liking then I would like to have my dying moments in the province with a cool breeze and a great view of the countryside.
c. I want soothing music flowing all the time, especially my favorite classics songs of mozart and beethoven.
d. I want also many soft things in my bed and also teddy bears or stuffed toys which are really soft(even a man loves soft things.

4.How I want people to treat me

I am a person still, whether I am limped or impaired or even brain dead so treat me like a person. Love me with the kind of love that you showed me before I became like this and those memories shall be my sole treasure as I pass away. And if you don't or didn't like me before then tell me do not be plastic to me or else I'll haunt you till infinity!

5.What I want my family to know and last wishes

I want my family, those who all know me in my family and my own family that I love them all. And that I am forever in debt to them. In case that I died a very old age then let them know that I am fully satisfied with the kind of life that I had, either it has been good or bad, well, I am happy for it. To my own family, and to my wife let them know that I will forever be at their hearts and I would ask God, Himself to help my family in times of trouble. In case I died early then tell all of my family that I am sorry to leave them so soon. I didn't wish it to be, but there are things that I cannot control fully. Also, I want my funeral to be fun! Remember me as a man who does not like people to be sad so even at my funeral don't let me catch you having a frown at your face or else!!!! Enjoy my last moments, as I have also enjoyed my life while I am living.

Let my funeral be at an open space overlooking the sea(not manila bay ok?). And let my theme be white instead of black, I don't like dark colors. And then after let me be buried at our family grave where I my dead body will spend the rest of eternity. I would like the song “I love you Goodbye” to be playing during the ceremony.

Also, after the funeral, let my family invite those who visited to have lunch out or dinner out as the case may be and let them move on with their lives.

Lastly, let my attorney give my wife and kids my last letter to them which I have made long before all of this has happened. I would have made a life story earlier in my life and I would like to let my wife keep it and let her know that each moment, each day I spent, I spent it with love for her. From the time we met until I have left I have treated her as my queen and let our family be like those of the royalty.

P.S. All of my estates and the rest of what is left with my wealth shall be of course be left to my wife and children, 50% to my wife and 50% to my children and this will take effect when they reach !* years old.
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My Final Decree
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