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 My Five Wishes

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PostSubject: My Five Wishes   My Five Wishes Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 9:21 pm


1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:
As much as possible, I want to be the one to decide for myself (the very reason I am doing this). However, if in case I forgot to mention something here and/or I’m in no good condition to be able to do decide for myself, I want my own family (my husband, my kids- only if they are above 18) and my immediate family (my parents and my siblings) to do the decision-making. Originally, I want them to come up with a decision that is best respected and accepted by all. If possible, I would also want the said persons to somehow consider the opinion of Tito R. If ever the said persons are not able to agree on which decision to make, my husband would have to make the final decision that I hope will be respected by all.
I know that it will be difficult for these persons to decide on whether or not to “end my life” if ever I’d be in a state of coma/PVS (or the likes) that is why as much as possible, I would want to make a detailed list of the things that I want them to do or not do.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:

In case of a coma or PVS, I want my relatives to wait for 3-5 days and observe my condition (of course, with the advice and supervision of a very very good Christian doctor). Just like Prof. Jimenez, I also believe in miracles; moreover, I believe that God can do even the impossible. I would also love to have these 3-5 days in order to give time to my family, friends (close and other friends), and other acquaintances to pray for me (assuming that they want to). Also, I hope that these days would help the persons that I mentioned in number 1 to slowly accept the possibility of my death and the possibility of them having to pull the plug (if ever I remained in coma/PVS after 5 days).

I’d also go for organ donation as long as my organs are still healthy. As much as possible, I want the recipient/s of my organs (heart, liver, kidneys, and eyes – organs?) to be coming from an underprivileged family. But before considering other people, make sure to ask if anyone from my family, close friends would need any of them (priority according to ties). In relation to this, if ever my eyes were donated, please make sure that I would still look good in my casket (I know that my eyes will be closed inside the casket, I’d like to make sure though my eye donation would not affect my appearance ).
In case of blood transfusion, I’d want my sister P (a future nurse) and /or my brother A (a future doctor) to ensure that the blood I’d be getting is safe, clean, and free from any kind of disease.
In case of terminal illness, I would like my health care proxy to implement the following decisions: DNI (Do not intubate) and DNR (Do not resuscitate).

3. How comfortable do I want to be:
I want my room to smell like “lush” (lush is a store that sells almost all kinds of soap-my family knows this very well). Also, I definitely want a room that is free from dust and other things that might trigger my allergic rhinitis. I want my bed to be beside a window from where I can see a pleasant view of the outside world. From that window as well, I want to see beautiful scenery- a beach, a garden or anything that’s related to nature.

I want to stay clean.

I want to have many visitors. I am very close to my family (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunt, uncles and their families), as much as possible, I want them to be around for most of the time(if they need to attend to something though, they are free to leave provided that another relative would take his/her place).

I want a well-lighted room with a very happy atmosphere. 

4. How I want people to treat me:
I want people to treat me with respect regardless of my condition.
I want to be fed with healthy meals (vegetables and just the right amount of meat).
I don’ want people to pity me.
I want my closest relatives and closest friends to be visiting me.
I don’t mind having bible studies beside my bed. 

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:

I want my family (my own, the one I’m part of, my extended family-grandparents, aunt, uncles and their families) to know that they are the best blessings of my life, that even if given the chance to have another family I’d still choose them, that they definitely made my life here on earth worth living, and that I love them VERY VERY MUCH!

I want my D12 (up line and down line) and my closest friends to know that I am very thankful to God for allowing me to experience the best of life with them and that I will be forever grateful for all the things that we’ve shared- the good and the bad.

In general, I want all the people I left behind to continue to bring glory to God through serving Him and His people, through sharing His teachings to others (of course, living them also). Also, I am asking my siblings to reach out to people, especially to our other relatives who haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior yet.

I want to spend my last days traveling the world (if I am still able to), writing love letters to my loved ones, reading good books, going anywhere – even as simple as picnics in the park with my family, chatting and laughing with my family and closest friends, sharing God’s word in any way possible, and listening to good music.

A wake in a church for two days is just right. If possible, I want my closest friends to take care of this in order to spare my family from all the stress entertaining guests etc. However, all expenses should be shouldered by ME (I hope to be able to save, at least, just the right amount of money to spare my family and closest friends from spending even a single cent).

The picture that shall be displayed on top of my casket should be my best portrait. 

I want the room to be filled with flowers.

Definitely no gambling.

I want a good choir (I haven’t thought of a specific choir group yet) to be singing in my wake for those two nights.

As much as possible, no crying please. I want people to remember our good memories together.

I also want good pastors (Pastor B, Pastor M, Pastor F, Pastor R and Pastor P) to speak during my wake. Further, I want them to hold services in order to reach out to the people attending my wake and to share the gospel.

I want to be buried in a decent cemetery (Loyola in Paranaque or Heaven’s Gate in Antipolo is fine with me.) Also, I would want to have a bigger lot just so my family would have enough space (for small chats etc) whenever they visit me.
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My Five Wishes
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