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PostSubject: Five Wishes   Five Wishes Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 9:39 am

1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:

I want to decide what I want for myself, regarding this matters that is. If in the instance that I am not rational enough or may be very undecisive on the kind of treatment I want to be done to me, I will relegate the task of deciding for me to my brother Mark and to that significant person (the one that must be able to perceive the kind of treatment that is the best for my sake and the one who needs not to ask me such things like this). Somehow, I want these two to reach an agreement on what to decide without too much squabbles.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:

I do not want painful treatments, though at times I like pain (harhar). But if such treatment gives me more pain than I could actually stomach, then the treatment must stop. In addition, if the treatment costs more than what my family or significant other can pay for, I think the treatment should stop so that the money can go to worthier causes like helping others.

In the case of PVS or coma, I want to stay breathing (even if it's done by a machine) for about 3 days. No extension after that period. If by that time, my body or I did not resurface on the as a true member of the society, then my family or my health care representative can pull the plug.

By the way, I'm for DNR and DNI.

3. How comfortable do I want to be:

I do not want to be placed in a hospital or some dreadful and melancholic place. I want to be in a familiar place, like my room.
I want my books to be beside me, with a reading lamp, a dictionary so that they are in my reach.
I want my room to have a television and dvd player so that I can freely watch the movies that I like. These components must be connected in an orderly manner so that I would not have any trouble taking someone's time out just to fix them.
I want my room to be not messy and a bit soundproof so that outside intrusions cannot disturb my sense of peace.
I also want some music to be played in times that I am reading or just reflecting. Be it classical or the genres that I like, for that I leave that up to you J. Wink

4. How I want people to treat me:

I want my friends, specially those significant ones (you know who you are) to visit me.
I do not want pretentious pity. A bit of sincere pity is okay, but an exaggeration is too much. So guests, restrain yourselves, will you? Very Happy
I do not want too much questions on how am I doing. (How can you expect me to answer that kind of question, right?)
I want people talking to me as if I am not sick. Just like a normal everyday conversation. I do not want them to be hindered by my state because it will promote awkwardness.
For the people visiting me, I want them to bring me something (haha). Like pasalubong or something. Food, especially chocolate cakes, pasta, are very acceptable. Books and dvds are also very welcome. Very Happy:D

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:

First of all, I want to thank (parang awards lang ah. ahaha) those people who made my life significant. Second, I want to apologize to them for the aggravation that I've done to them.
To my family, who did nothing but accept all my faults and eccentricities, I really treasured the things, lessons and love you've bestowed upon me. Through you guys, I've learned the meaning of unconditional love even though we've quarreled a million times on such petty things.
To my closests friends, a heartfelt gratitude for accepting me, letting me trouble you with my existence and all my hapless thoughts on everything and of course, letting me in your lives.
To my friends, schoolmates, acquiantances, neighbors, and to those who knew me, I really thank you!

On my death, I want my selected few to be with me.
I want to be cremated so that my family won't have a trouble finding a parking space to visit me on November. I want my ashes to be in a respectable place or in some place that I like.
There will be no casket viewing. The best picture of me is to be displayed for those who came to my wake. (haha)
I do not really believe in superstitions so I request the people holding my wake to clean the surroundings as to not piss off my soul.
In addition, I want my wake to be done in a funeral home or whatever it is to discourage saklaans and drinking. I do not want flowers, those large ones, from the mayor or some official. If in the event, these can not be refused, I request that someone take the message off the flowers. I do not want it displayed.

For my belongings, I want my children or someone who will appreciate and take good care of my books and dvds. Or these can be donated to a library or given to someone in need of such things.
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Five Wishes
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