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 my five wishes

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PostSubject: my five wishes   Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:40 pm

I. Health care representative
Firstly, I would only be requiring the aid of my health care representative if and only if I will not be able to decide for myself (mentally and physically unable to do so) as proven by a medical examination. Such medical examination should be reinforced by three different health examination results and not only from an opinion of a single Doctor or Specialist.
If the time comes that I will be unable to decide for myself then I will appoint my attorney (at the moment I do not yet know who is he/she) as my health care representative. I do not choose any from my family as my health care representative because they would be too emotional that I’m quite sure they would not be able to think rationally without any emotional attachment.
II. Living will
If I will have an incurable disease or I will be terminally ill to the point that my days on earth would be numbered or if I will have a disease that is curable but my chance of survival is less than 50% then euthanasia should be preformed on me. No use in paying too much hospital bills if I would still be dead. When I have a life, I want it to be life in its very essence. The kind of life that I can do whatever a normal person can do. I do not want to be in PVS and continue to exist, I’d rather die.
My family can do whatever they want to do with my organs.
III. How comfortable do I want to be
I don’t want to be at a hospital, I’d rather be confined in a house (preferably mine) near a window overlooking beautiful scenery. But I want it to be clean and smell clean. I want red colored stuff all over the place and a mellow music in the background. I want cotton-soft pillows every corner and sides of my bed.
IV. How I want people to treat me
I want my love ones to treat me like I am in my normal self. I do not want to see anybody crying, I want them smiling and be happy for me. I want every one to act as normal as possible as if I am not sick.
V. What I want my family to know and last wishes:
I want my family to know that that I love them so much. With regards to my assets and liabilities, everything regarding the matter would be stated in my Last Will and Testament. I want to be buried near the place where I established my permanent residence.
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my five wishes
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