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 CANAMO Questions for the Third Exam

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PostSubject: CANAMO Questions for the Third Exam   CANAMO Questions for the Third Exam Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 11:41 pm

1. Do we have the right to die? Is it a 'right'? What are the implications of this right, or of the absence thereof?

2. After careful considerations of the various ethical theories/views we discussed, what “personal moral system or code” can you come up with and which you can adopt? Be sure to talk about the values, precepts/ideas, and other elements that should comprise this “personal moral system or code”. Include your conception of freedom and accountability in this given moral system and your view of what it means to be a moral individual.
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PostSubject: Answer :D   CANAMO Questions for the Third Exam Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 9:41 pm

1. I persistently believe that we have a right to die. It is a right which is entitled to us since birth provided by the fact that we are going to die in the future as our end in this world. The right to die makes it easy for a person to let go of everything, given if he is under a deadly disease or if the pain and the suffering are intolerant. If a person decides to kill himself anytime in his life, he has the authority and the right to do so. The society considers suicide as a major offense to the dogmas of the Church. I think this is only because religions do play a very influential role in the society. But morality is not relative, given the fact that there are a number of religions and sets of beliefs, customs and traditions situated in the different parts of the globe. The perception of one can be the opposite perception of the other. It depends on the person how he will value his own life. External factors will only interfere after the internal decisions of a person, regarding his life, has been made. If a person does not have the right to die, then the person is under a moral torture. Moral torture in a sense that even if a person who is under chemo therapy for example, from which he cannot contain the pain anymore, already wishes for death, he will not be granted death even with the use of any medical instrument that have the capability to end his life. If the right to die does not exist, then there will be more suffering among patients and even to plainly suffering people. Dying because of immeasurable pain is a relief for the patients and sometimes to the loved ones of the patient. To see someone suffering is not that good at all, but knowing that a person has the right to die makes it easier to let go.
2. I believe in existentialism. There is a clear definition of freedom. I adhere with the “causality” concept where in what is bound to happen will happen due to the decisions of the person himself made. I think this is a liberating philosophy, unlike the others that are dogmatic. I believe that anyone can do whatever he wants to do, and he will be accountable for his actions. There will be no other people to blame because it is his personal choice to perform that particular action. There is morality as long as one does not violate any other laws or beliefs. There is morality if one follows the “universal good.” This concept does not entail that all the people have a specific common good. This is the universal notion of the good and the bad, the wrong and the right. I have the right to say and do whatever I want, then if other people consider my actions offensive, then I can claim that I have done something immoral, due to the fact that I have violated and offended some other people’s beliefs. Life provides us a lot of restrictions, but it is up to us how we will continue to live despite the existence of these.
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CANAMO Questions for the Third Exam
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