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 MATEO Questions for the Third Exam

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PostSubject: MATEO Questions for the Third Exam   MATEO Questions for the Third Exam Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 11:49 pm

1. Do we have the right to die? Is it a 'right'? What are the implications of this right, or of the absence thereof?

2. After careful considerations of the various ethical theories/views we discussed, what “personal moral system or code” can you come up with and which you can adopt? Be sure to talk about the values, precepts/ideas, and other elements that should comprise this “personal moral system or code”. Include your conception of freedom and accountability in this given moral system and your view of what it means to be a moral individual.
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PostSubject: re: anwer to exam   MATEO Questions for the Third Exam Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 9:56 pm

1. Given that one’s life would not be valuable enough to continue living, I believe that we have the right to die. This is mainly because of the freedom that we have. This ‘right’ is part of our freedom. Freedom makes us available to do things which we think would best benefit us. The right to die is a choice for every person. I believe that doing so is justifiable when we are caught off-guard by the circumstances. Simply put, it is justifiable if and only if the cases are hopeless. Besides, it is your life that you will take not the others.

Having this kind of right would be dangerous at the same time; people who suffer from psychological problems like severe depression would tend to commit suicide. This I think is not in line with the way I defended the choice of the right to die. This kind of case and the like do still have hope. That is why we have rehabilitation centers for them.

The line of argument that I said would apply to people who have prepared a “Living Will”. These people have assessed what would be their future, if in any case; that they would be in a vegetative state or the like.
The absence of this ‘right’ would mean a violation of our freedom. It would also violate our right to determine what we want to do in ourselves. Most cases, if not all, of people who prepared this kind of will have thought of the things that would greatly affect their family. They choose to die if they will be burden for their family. This I think is a practical reason to die.

2. I always value the ability of the people to choose or make choices. I would still want to believe that people act in a way because they are rational enough to do so. I mean, the choice of our act is a product of the circumstances that we face.
The concept of a pre-determined future and destiny runs in contrast in what I believe. We happened to be in a situation because we choose to be there in the first place. We react based on our impulse.

The notion that “better life” after death can be achieved through doing sacrifices, for me, is still in question. Nobody has ever experienced life after death. This notion limits a person of the capabilities that one can do. “Better life” is best explained when you experience it. i think we are best to describe the feeling of a better life as result of our choices.

the choices that we make reflects our capabilities to assert things. these capabilities can be maximized because of our freedom to do things. upon having this freedom, our choice to do things should always be rational. when i say rational, this means that we determine things but we are not comprising the welfare of others.

upon being rational, we can make rational choices. upon doing so, we build our concept of morality.

The morality of an individual reflects the rational choice one makes. this choice is to promote greater good than harm.
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MATEO Questions for the Third Exam
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