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PostSubject: Hopefully...   Hopefully... Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2009 4:26 am

1. Health Care Representative
Like the others who posted their five wishes, I would still be making my own decisions when I still am in a sound body, meaning, I still am rational and can still speak and think for my own good.

But in cases where I am no longer capable of doing such things, and decisions are needed right away, I would not want any of may parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and my future family to decide. Why? Like what Prof Jimenez stated, as my family and friends, I know they would insist on making me live despite the uncertainty of my fate. Rather, I would assign my best friend, whom I usually call my soul mate, Julius Ilican, as my health care representative. Why him? Because he;s the only person who knows everything about me, as in everything! We do share the same sentiments. There were even times when he would text me out-of-the-blue, telling me that he knows I'm not feeling fine, that something's bothering me, and such feelings of him do turn out to be true. This is the very reason I am assigning him as my health care representative. He surely knows the things that would be for my sake. I am willing to entrust him my life.

To make things mushy, maybe I could assign my "special friends" Jarold and Marc Ross as health care representatives, for the very reason that through their decisions, people may know what they really feel for me. (LOVE? haha.!) In case of different decisions, Julius' decisions would be the final one. (hehe.!)

I know my parents would understand my decisions regarding this matter. And my future husband, and family. That is, if not one of the three would be my husband. (haha.!) In case one of them would turn out to be my husband, then he shouldn't make any decision. If Julius would be that one, then I am giving my other best friend, Guia, the right to have the final decision. (magulo ba? haha.!)

2. Living Will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want.
I hope I could say that I don't want to be injected, because I hate injections! Yet I know such thing is impossible.

Just in case I would suffer severe illness, and I would turn vegetable, or even just bed-ridden, I want my health care representatives to tell my doctor to perform euthanasia. I swear! That's what I want. Like all of us, I don't want to prolong my agony. I don't want to be a burden to my family. And I know such thing would be too costly. I know, because the same thing happened to my Uncle 3 years ago. It would even turn to be more painful for them to see me die little by little. And I won't allow that to happen.

Also, in case of comatose, I want them to give me three days to stay that way. If I won't be able to wake up on the fourth day, then the respirator must be unplugged by my health care representatives. Why three days? Because as they say, our hearing would be the last to deteriorate (I hope I am using the right word) in case of death. Three days would be enough to gather my relatives and friends and to let them talk to me despite my condition. I do believe I would still be able to hear them.

About donations, I am willing to donate my eyes as long as it's not damaged. Are hospitals accepting nose donation? (haha.! just kidding.) I can also donate my internal organs, if my parents want to. Thus, donations will be decided by my parents. But out of my organs, it is my heart that I am hesitant to donate, for the very reason that I don't want my feelings to live in another body. (yun eh kung totoo ang nasa movies. hahaha.!)

3. How comfortable do I want to be
First, I would want to be confined in a clean hospital room. I want it to be in Medical City or St. Lukes. (hahaha.!) That is, if I would be blessed with lots and lots of money. (haha.!)

I love hearing music, it soothes my soul, as they say. That's why I want to listen to any genre of music, except rock. I would also want my sisters and my father to sing for me every day. Two songs from each of them is fine. (sob.!) And if they would allow me, and if I still can, I want to sing with them during those moments, despite not having angelic voice like theirs. They inherited it from our father. And I am a frustrated singer.

I'm a dancer, a good dancer, as my friends say. For the last time, I would like to dance with Julius. Simple swing or cha-cha is enough.

Also, I want my room to filled with roses, pink, white, and red roses.

Lastly, I would want to spend the nights all alone. I want to have time for myself. To think of the things I did for myself, my family, and my friends. To think if I spent a meaningful life, which I know I did. I want to cry alone, as I usually do. (mushy)

4. How I want people to treat me
Based on my previous answer, I want all the closest people in my life to visit me everyday. I just want to spend my last moments with them - talking with them, reminiscing our past, our "kalokohans." If these people want to cry, I would allow them. But not everyday, for God's sake. (haha.!)

I want my parents to be honest with me. I want them to tell me that they've had a hard time raising me as their eldest daughter. Yet I also want them to tell me how proud they are of my achievements.

I know these people can't avoid treating me as a sick person, 'cause I really am. But I don't want them to pity me. I want them to treat me as they want to. (hehe.!)

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes
(drama mode)
For mama and papa, I just want them to know how thankful I am for having such supportive parents, despite the pressures. I want to thank them for being so patient in raising me despite my hardheadedness and for being "pasaway" most of the times. I want to tell them all my secrets, including my past boyfriends, (yes! boyfriends.! haha.!) 'cause they're not aware of most of them.

For my siblings, Kuya Kevin, Krizzane, and Kressa, I would like to thank them all for being the nicest siblings ever. To my Kuya, I want him to know that I am so proud of him, for being the best brother I could ever have! To my "didi" Krizzane and Kressa, I want to give them advices regarding their decisions, most especially reagrding their love-life, for I have went through all of these. I want all of them to know how blessed I am for having them as my family! (sob)

I am a very sentimental person. I do keep even the simplest and tiniest things given to me by my friends and family. Hence, I want those things to be kept in my room at our family house in the province. With my collections of novels by Danielle Steel and Sydney Sheldon. I also want my tweety collection to be kept in that room. Same with my Pol Sci readings. (hahaha.!)

I want to talk with my exes. Yes! I want to talk to them. I want them to tell me why things had fallen apart during my relationship with them. And I want them to know how happy I am for meeting them and that I don't have any regrets of being with them.

Among these guys, I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with my first love, first boyfriend, Marc Ross. The one I also assigned as my health care representative. I want us to reminisce the past. On how we first met when I am still on the second grade and he on the fourth grade. I would also want to talk with Jarold, the guy whom I have special feelings to, yet is unaware of this. I want to have a time to tell him how I really feel for him. (in love? haha.!)

Of course, I want to have a day with my childhood barkada, and with the prettylicious. But this time, I don't want us to reminisce because I know it will only make us cry. I want us to do for the last time, the usual happening we do when we're together. I want us to eat together, to throw jokes at each other.

Moreover, I want to be alone during my last breath. Like what I've said, it is the hearing sense that deteriorates lastly. I don't want any of them to be beside me 'cause I don't want to hear them crying. I want to die alone. I know it's too selfish, but I really want this.

I want my funeral to be held at our province. I want my wake to last for 5 days. I want to be buried beside my maternal grandfather. But I also want to be cremated. (hmmmm.) Maybe my parents can decide on that. During my funeral, I want my sisters and my father to sing me songs every night. I don't want my wake to be so sad. I want the people to chat lively with each other. On my burial, I want the grand choir in our parish to sing during the mass.

Lastly, I want all my relatives and friends to be present during my wake and burial.

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