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PostSubject: Five wishes   Five wishes Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 5:49 am

Health Care Representative
- As long as I am sensible, I would want to make decisions for myself. Otherwise, I would want Kuya Paeng to make them for me. Kuya has looked after me ever since mama and papa went overseas. He would know what to do. He cares for me to make me live as long as I could but he also loves me enough to know when to let me go. In case he also gone by then since he is much older than me, I would like my bestfriend to be my representative. She knows the things I believe in and the things that I would want to happen.

Living Will
- Any treatment should always be done in consideration of the financial limits. I would not want any person to incur debt or their future jeopardized because of me.
- I will do whatever I can to survive as long as I am breathing mostly by myself. I may tolerate labored breathing that will be aided by a respirator.
- I will give no approval to be attached to any life support system except for aided respiration through intubation. That tube will be removed after five days. If there is no improvement by then, let things happen the way they should.
- If it is positively, definitely, accurately proven and predicted that I have no chance of survival after any treatment, I wish to be discharged from the hospital, snet home and be with my family.
- I will only accept blood from someone I know (assuming that it is safe)
- All my reusable parts shall be donated to any recipient needing of it. It sahll be used for causes such as cloning or genetic modification studies.
- I shall only be resuscitated once. No attempt to revive me may be done after a second cardiac arrest.

How Comfortable I would want to be:
- I would like to be too comfortable. I don't like the feeling of being too comfortable in a hospital. It makes me feel helpless. Even when I am at home.
- I just want the kindness and respect given to me just as before I fell into that kind of illness or condition. I will only be extended help if there is really a need to do so.
- The only that i would not want to have is bed sores.

How I would want to be treated:
- I would not like to be a burden. I would not want one person to completely abandon his/her life just for me. (If its a nurse, obviously, she not abandon her life for taking care of me)
- The future of any person shall not be jeopardized because of my condition.
- All I ask for is someone to talk to. Sometimes I also would want to be alone to reflect on the life that I had.

What I want my family to know and last wishes:
- I would want my family to know that I love them with all my heart. Every experience with them is cherished, good or bad. To my papa and mama, I would want them to know that even it does not show sometimes, I am eternally grateful for their support and love. There could be no other person in this world who love me the way they do, and I love them like no other. I want them to know that even if there is no way to give them back what they have sacrificed for me, they can be assured that it is very much appreciated.
- I want every person that i have spent time with to know that there is no regrets.
- All I ask is if there is someone or some pet that I will leave, I want them to be given the same care or more that I have given them when i was alive.
- At the event of death, the persons that would be permitted to see me dead with be as minimal as possible. What should be remembered are the memories. I am no longer the person that is lying in a casket. It is was just a repository of my soul and now that my body has died, I am no longer there.
- if there is great necessity to have a wake for me, it shall only last a day. No gambling.
- I wish to have a mass before the burial, no for my body but for the people i left behind, to make them understand that death is not the end of all things.
- All of my belongings, except those for the financial security of anyone that i will leave behind, will be at the discretion of my immediate family. they an do whatever they want with it.
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Five wishes
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