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 Before they let me go...

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PostSubject: Before they let me go...   Before they let me go... Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 6:58 am

The person I want to make care decisions for me when I can’t…
At first, I chose any ethicist or a person who is knowledgeable on this kind of situation (perhaps an Instructor or Professor of Ethics or a Bioethicist) so that if the time comes to decide, both pros and cons of any decision would be considered and weighed rationally. Moreover, it would be easier to take the necessary steps since the one that is deciding in my behalf has no emotionally strings attached to me and that he is already accustomed in doing such act. However, after reviewing my answer, I realized that it is too much academic and unfair for my family to give the decision to other person. Relying a very important and life-changing matter to other person is unjust for my family especially to my parents who reared me for more than 20 years. Hence, I am choosing my parents since they are the ones who know what is best for me.

What kind of medical treatment I want and don’t want…
I have no particular medical treatment that I want nor do I not want. As long as the treatment will not distort nor disfigure my appearance, then it is alright. Moreover, that operation should not exhaust our family’s wealth (this may be modified IF AND ONLY IF the operation will result to my recovery.)

How comfortable I want to be…
First and for most, three-month stay in the hospital without any sign of recovery or improvement on my condition is enough reason to issue my release paper. I hate staying in hospitals but since my situation requires me to stay, then, I have to stay. If my condition shows no improvement, then, for God’s sake, let me go home. Staying in our home is far better, if not the best, than staying bed-ridden in the hospital. In addition, if I have no chance of survival after three months of struggle, then I think it feels more comfortable on my part to just let me go… Assuming that my loved ones have already let me go, these are the particulars that I want them to do/my last wills.
1. My funeral should not exceed one week.
2. My coffin should be in black color (black is elegant)
3. As much as possible, never wear black dress in my funeral, white is better.
4. Aside from my name, I am interested in inscribing “how good I am” when I am still living on my headstone.
5. I want to be cremated; however, my remains should be buried.
6. ALL personal belongings of mine should be kept in a box, secured and should not be opened unless it is necessary to open it.

How I want people to treat me…
I want people to treat me as if I am still in good condition, that is, treat me the same way they have treated me, before being in the vegetative state I am now. As much as possible, never show pity on me because doing such would only remind me how sorrowful my situation is, and it would only worsen my situation, emotionally in particular.

How I want my loved ones to know…As early as the doctor have informed me about my situation, then I will tell it to my loved ones/family. I don’t want to keep this by myself. It is not because I can’t handle this on my own but rather, my family has the right to know about it, even if it will hurt them. More so, not informing them immediately would only add to the sorrow they will be suffering from upon telling my situation. Also, I will not tell them my condition when they are happy because I don’t want to spoil their happiness they are enjoying… I think there is no way for them to know my situation that would never hurt or that would never make them go crazy. Hence, I will tell them my condition straightforward (and when they are not in a happy mood.)
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Before they let me go...
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