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 A Mini Death Paper

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PostSubject: A Mini Death Paper   A Mini Death Paper Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 10:58 am

I do not have to state my belief as an introduction. I do not have anything to insist or to emphasize.

1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:

Well, if there is one person who can decide in my behalf, given that I am in a state of paralysis, then that person would be my mother. But if fate plays tricks on me, and my mother is already dead by that time, then my girlfriend or my “life partner” would do it. Given the worst case, where all members of the family are dead, it is time for friends to take-over. If there are no friends left, then whoever cares for me at that moment has the power, bestowed by me, to make the necessary decisions.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:

I do not want to be treated as if I am so fragile. I do not want people treat me as if I am weak. As if the time span given for me to jump, run or even walk has ended. If I have a serious illness, I want my family or my friends to tell it straight to my face. I do not want to be fooled. If that instance happens, then it will just loosen the screws of my sanity and probably I would ask them to kill me, or the worse, I would kill myself. Things would only get worse if there will be lies and secrets. If I can be saved by organ transplants, then I would allow it. If one struggles for life, anything will do, everything is a last resort.

3. How comfortable do I want to be:

I want to lie down in a room where the sun shines directly on my chest, and in a room where I can have a picturesque view of the blue sky, and the greens. I want the cool breeze blow on to my face. I want to breathe the freshest air. Fresh fruits are on the bedside table. My mother and my wife are beside me, holding my hand. Let there be love.

4. How I want people to treat me:

I want to be treated right. If I would be noticing people who are acting like hypocrites, then I would curse them, hence; I would die doing what I love to do. I know hatred is boiling inside me, and if I would really carry it to the grave, then I would not forgive those people who would be offending me as I am fighting for life.

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:

I would want my final words for my family video-taped. And the video would tell them everything. There would be a lot of “I love you.” The words I, love, and you are the only words that I am sure that I could say because I am living for love, and love makes me live.

My last wishes:

a. I want to be buried near the tombs of my grandfathers, and grandmothers.
b. In my wake, I want people to wear white. I want them to enjoy. I want them to play music. Just that. No gambling and the like.
c. I want Fender or Ibanez to sponsor my funeral, supplying a number of electric guitars for my friends, especially for my UP MOrg family, to play at my wake.
d. I do not want soft music in my burial; I want metal, punk-rock, or hip-hop music play in the background.
e. In the march, where I would be carried to the graveyard, I would want my band’s songs play along. No other songs, just our originals.

These may change through time, but for now, these are the things that I want.
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A Mini Death Paper
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