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 No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You.

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No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You. Empty
PostSubject: No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You.   No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 8:10 am

I am going to write a very long explanation. One, to DEATH and another to the humans who would be reading this. Please don't avoid me after reading this. I know I am pretty weird, and it's high time you know that too.


Death, I know you hear me; you're probably behind my back right now, reading what I am currently typing. Please don't laugh.

A letter to death [serves as an explanation to what I am going to write, bear with the idiosyncrasies and my erratic manner of thinking and writing]


First of all, please do not visit me often. I almost met you once in a car accident and you do know that fate intercepted you from claiming me. That gave me, a 6-year old then, a HUGE FRIGHT which I still carry today when I think about you.
Please do not claim me until I get married. I KNOW THAT'S LIKE, DECADES FROM NOW, but you have to wait. My wishes can only be applied after I get married. Hey, I am not saying that you should claim me after I get married. Please, I want errrm. Yes. I want those things married couples do when they're alone in the bedroom in the night-time. [which is, reading before bedtime and discussing politics and society. Don't think dirty, please.]
So where was I? Yes. Okay, so there. Another thing, please don't laugh when I try to think about dying while inside the bus on the way to school. You know I am that paranoid when it comes to near-death experiences. I only do that so I could figure out a way to avoid you when some unfortunate event comes.
Also, also, please do not visit my family. We all know you are a busy being, so, it would be a lighter burden for you if you avoid the 252A Imus, Cavite route.

I am thanking you, in spite of the scary notions people have about you which almost got into me, because I know you have that quirky little feeling called mercy, or probably pity on a child like me who wrote a please-avoid-me-thank-you letter.

'til then, when our paths cross, [honestly, I am looking forward to a perpetual rest in the very far future.

Signed with shaking hands with utmost sincerity and groveling involved,
JMVA human number ###-###-###-###-###-###-### ....

NUMBER TWO: to YOU, the person reading this.

Hello, I am JA I live somewhere in the south, which I hated the first time my family moved in because I found it very hard to depart from my friends in the north, and for someone like me who finds it hard to befriend people, that was a COLOSSAL loss.

I love reading books, if only books could be eaten, you might mistake me for a wardrobe. [bigger than my current body right now] I also like films. But I find it hard to name a favorite. I like Amelie a lot, because I want her stratagems [my husband has to be like Amelie, the stratagems part]. I also love works by Hitchcock, Sofia Coppola, Kubrick and name a few.

I like music. I love Canadian bands, especially from the indie scene. Of course, I also love Filipino bands. As most of you probably know, I love UpdharmaDown and a host of bands from the Terno label.

To Prof. Evelyn's surprise, I actually am interested in philosphy but I bet my grades would reflect otherwise [I know I flunked the second exam! Very Happy] I am trying to read Neitzche since he interests me...and probably some postmodern philosphers. I find some of their concepts very hard to grasp...the total mindbender, so I postponed reading...for now.

I rarely write about mes since I find it stupid whenever I try to read it again after some time. Another is that I find it hard to describe myself...and I am too shy to do so.

I am a principled person, I think I know. And yes, I have no issues against rallying and attending anti-corrupt activities. I might venture into the law field; I am still keeping my options open.

LASTly, you are free to comment, flame, point, stare and laugh at my wishes. You are free!!!! But of course, respect, I still demand. It's not a difficult deal now, is it?

Oh, there might be lots of grammatical errors but you have to overlook that. Cut me some slack this time, will you?


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Posts : 7
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No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You. Empty
PostSubject: Re: No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You.   No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 8:23 am

Five Wishes

1. Health care representative -The person I want to make decisions for me:

I am assigning Mr. X, my to-be husband in the not-so-very-far future to be my health care representative. I trust myself that the person I am going to marry is on the same frequency as I – meaning, we must think alike [finish each other’s sentences blah blah but not too similar for a lovely zest to a hopefully lasting relationship]. I assign him to make all the decisions for me. He will know what I think is best for my body and for my health.
The reason why I trust my soon-to-be husband is he knows me well enough to actually think like me. He won’t be consumed by his own emotions; henceforth, he’d be able to make guided, rational and logical decisions.
He will start making the decisions for me when the doctor clearly states that there is ZERO probability that I will not recover to my normal, functioning state. If ever I am in a PVS, coma or if every I do come out alive but will be needing a life-support machine, he then can start making the decisions. Also, this will transpire after consulting third, or even fourth opinions from the country’s best doctors, all of them giving the same result.

2. Living will - The kind of treatment I want and do not want:

Medical treatments:
I strictly enforce a DNI rule. I can only be resuscitated if I get a fighting chance to recover to a fully functioning condition – complete body parts, working sensory organs and full motor skills intact. No loss of memory, not even a dysfunctional hemisphere of the brain.
I will fight for my life so assure that when the moment the plug has to be pulled, there will be no what ifs.
I will work it out with Him and Death after negotiating and much bargaining for my life [if ever I am in coma, or PVS] that I will give my family a sign whether they shouldn’t pull the plug. It will be a wink. So pay close attention.
At the time of my death, I will donate my organs to the organ bank , but my to-be husband has to make sure that those organs will go to a very deserving person. I will agree to donate my organs for study but the foundation or institution who will receive it should be researching on immediate cures for cancer or ALS or some rare disease, and has huge chances of finding an answer. I wouldn’t want my organs to go to waste. This will be thoroughly inspected and monitored by my to-be husband.

3. How comfortable do I want to be:
During the time of the sickness, I want a marathon of the movies I haven’t watched while I am in my normal, functioning, healthy state. Trust me, I’d be able to watch that, my soul will be hovering nearby the tv.
I want orchids in the hospital room. No anxious looks, so please try to restrain yourselves. I also want my bed to be a normal bed and not those scary hospital beds from medical, horror flicks. I want a comfortable pillow with the dictionary underneath or some of my favorite books [my husband-to-be will know this]
Also, I want my closest friends, especially V, A and newly found nerd, L to be there and talk about sci-fi, new, upcoming flicks, the indie music and film scene like how we do usually with our rare free time.
I don’t like the smell of a hospital, but no fragrances. I want wallpapers made of posters from my favorite tv series and movies.
My favorite bands should be played in the room so I’d get some aurgasm.
And..and… I want Milo Ventimiglia, Edward Norton and James McAvoy to visit me and hold my hand…it doesn’t have to be really long. I just want to be touched…in the right places. Very Happy, like what I mentioned, my hand.

4. How I want people to treat me:
No crying. People should act the way they usually were. Conversations will still be done, although I might not reply, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be listening.
No pity, mercy and naaalala-ko-dati lines. Not now. I’m not dead you know.
Kids…I might have some of those pesky creatures [kidding!] will know what’s happening to me. They are allowed to stay in my hospital room and talk to me.
I also want my parents to treat me just the same when I am still in my healthy condition. The only food I’ll eat is the one my mother made me. No bargaining. Unless, it’s completely necessary…life/death situation.

5. What I want my family to know and last wishes:
To my parents and my brother. I could not ask for more. You know very well that despite the annoying gesture and full-blown confrontations, I love you guys. Wee!
To my UP friends, Nerders, Harry Potter friends, and future friends, thank you!
To my husband-to-be, thank you!!!!
At the time of my death, I don’t want the typical Filipino funeral…even the typical funeral – the candles, the huge flowers on the sides of the casket, and weird, awkward ceremony. I want it to be light. Orchids and greens. I want a private party for friends.
I want to be cremated if and only if, the process won’t harm the environment. I hope that’s possible in the future.
Casket, I want it to be as eco-friendly as possible. No casket-viewing.
I also want everyone to receive a dvd of my life.. Also, if possible, a book about my “boring” life. I want the place to be in a huge tent, whose top can be opened so during the night, my casket would face the vast sky.
I hope no one cries.
I guess that’s it. I hope it’s possible to edit this if I suddenly had a silly idea.

Of course, these wishes assume that my time of death will not be anytime soon. I told you, I’d haggle with Him and Death.
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No. I am definitely not kidding. Wishes and Letter to Death and to You.
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