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 My Five Wishes

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PostSubject: My Five Wishes   Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:07 am

Since I am given control on this case, first I would like to add some drama on my five wishes. Here is the scenario: I was comatose after giving birth to my eldest son/daughter (or I would like to have twins). I have to undergo some surgery in the brain, as a result of a severe car accident on my way home which eventually led why my son/daughter is premature. Wink This surgery has a risk that I would not survive.

1.Health Care Representative
Thinking of the people whom I could give the privilege to decide whether I would have to undergo the surgery or not, is hard. But then, I came up with two people. First, would be my spiritual mother (you know who you are). I do not want my biological mother to decide for me because I don’t want her to carry such heavy emotional burden. Being the eldest I saw how my mother sacrificially raised us. I don’t want her to see me in that situation because I know it would break her heart. I chose my spiritual mother, because being my mentor she knows me more than anyone else. And I owe her part of my life; she knows my temperaments and everything else. (Atzi, I give you this privilege to decide for myself. I told you before that you are the “Naomi” and I am “Ruth”. Thank you for deciding for me. ) Second, would be my husband, my “ Boaz”. I chose him for certain reasons that, in his decisions he has already considered very possible scenario and even what my loved one felt. (For you, since we have become one, I give you this portion of my life. Whatever happened, remember that it is His will. Thank you. )

2.Living Will
If ever that these two persons, decided to push through the surgery despite of the low possibility to survive these are my requests:
• Pray for the success. Wink
• For the financial assistance, use my secret bank account. Please, do not loan. You know that I don’t want to borrow from anyone.
• I want Ate Pepen or Ate Marie or Ate George to be in the operating room.
• Consult Alyssa on what drugs the doctors are going to use.
• To my family, relatives and loved ones PLEASE DON’T CRY!! Wink
However if the operation failed, and the doctor said that I would be comatose (forever), here are also my requests:
• I don’t want to stay in the hospital. Make a room, wherein I could sleep that long. It should be I medium sized room that could accommodate the life-sustaining machine.
• I want a big SpongeBob stuffy toy beside me.
• Play my favorite songs of worship. Even I am sleeping it will not hinder me to sing praises to God.
• Talk to me, because I am hearing you.
• I should be still pretty even on those times, put some blush on and lip gloss.
• I don’t want to have an unpleasant smell, so please clean me up. Wink
• Read to me, the Word of God every day, because like I have said I could hear you.

Lastly, I want to donate my organs like the heart, liver and kidney, for I know that they are healthy. My heart is for loved ones, if ever due to some unfavorable circumstances there is a need for it. My kidney and livers are for those who are in need. Why kidney? Because I know that, a lot of Filipinos are engaged in the illegal trading of kidneys, and I want to stop it for they are putting their lives to danger. Maybe, you would say that I don’t understand it. But I just don’t want.

3.How comfortable do I want to be:
Most of the things that I want to have are already stated above. But here are the additional requests;
• I want, Erika, (my first ever disciple) to handle my cell group. My dear, please continue the legacy.
• To my husband, get a copy of the book, “Message In The Bottle” by Nicholas Sparks. Read to me the letter, sent by the leading man to his wife. Could you also do the same?? Wink
• Please see me every day, or at least greet me, or say anything to me. I would appreciate it.

4.How I want people to treat me:

I do not want to be remembered as someone who in the last days of her life is suffering. I am not the one suffering, maybe, those people who I have not shared the gospel with. Remember me as this; I have been part of your lives because of the will of the Lord. Second, you know how much I desire to be a missionary to Africa or to certain places in the Philippines. Do not pity me, I have always been in joy because of the works I have done for my Father in heaven. And lastly, you would be one that can define how deep I was able to touch you. All that I could pass to you is the legacy to continue the work of the Lord, do it in joy. (Wee, I sounded like Paul on this letters to the different churches. :0)

5.What I want my family to know and last wishes:

First, for my parents, I have always been thankful because the Lord gave you to me. Thank you for the sacrifices on time, sleep and even finances. Although, I know and you claim that it is your responsibility, still we all appreciate your efforts. Mom, I know how much sacrifices and pains you have been through when you were apart from Dad before, since he was working abroad that time to support us. It is not easy to raise four children without physical and emotional assistance because of the distance between the two of you. Dad, you have been the best father to us. I really cried that moment when I learned that you have converted to Muslims. But I am happy for you now. You are my model, and I wish I could do the same to my son/daughter. I love you both every day.

To my brothers, please do take care of our parents. I know that I am bossy, which is part of being choleric. Can one of you be a pastor?? Wink I would really miss you, especially, our childhood days in the province. That is part of my memory that I would never forget. I was not able to see, you guys, marrying and having sons/daughters. I would love that. Please support one another. You are not children anymore so don’t fight and continue to grow up.

Spiritual family, I have nothing to say but thank you for every prayer. Thank you. I love and I am gonna miss you.

To my “Boaz”, please name him Samuel Mikhail or if a she Brooklyn Zahir.
I will be no longer in this world, I already tell the Lord to get me to end your sacrifices and pains, and sufferings. Mm, you can find a new “heart”, when all wounds are healed. Be happy with her. Be sure that she will be a good mother to him/her, if not I would come back and haunt her. (laughs) Thank you for the time together. That memory would be as clear as the sun. Continue to touch more lives through the Gospel. Be a strong Pastor of our church. That’s it. I love you, too.
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My Five Wishes
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